The 10 Best Passive Income Ideas for 2022

What’s the easiest way to earn an income? The answer is passive income, where you earn money even when you’re not working! This guide contains my top 10 best passive income ideas that can help you build up your bank account so that you can retire early or buy that dream home and live on a beach somewhere!

1) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to make passive income online. If you have a skillset, talent, or expertise in a specific area, you can leverage that to sell other people’s products or services with your own affiliate marketing website. 

There are plenty of free resources and tutorials available online that can help get you started. For example, if you have artistic skills you can draw up some designs and create an online store selling prints or t-shirts using platforms like Etsy or Zazzle.

2) Amazon FBA

If you’re someone who is willing to buy low and sell high, using Amazon’s FBA services is a great place to start. Basically, you can buy products that are already selling at a low price and then sell them on Amazon. 

If all goes well with your business model, you can grow it and turn it into your own eCommerce store because of how much time, effort, and money is saved. The only downside is that if you have no experience in running an online business, there will be some bumps along the way. But if you want to learn more about starting an online business through Amazon FBA, check out my review here.

3) Dropshipping

To start a successful dropshipping business, you’ll need to do some research into what products you want to sell, who your target market is and where they spend their time online. Once you know that information, consider how much it will cost to launch and maintain your store. 

For example, if you’re planning on selling baby clothing in bulk at first but don’t know anything about kids, consider hiring a freelance writer with experience in children’s fashion. If you’re planning on selling handbags, find out how much it costs to rent a brick-and-mortar storefront. If there are startup costs associated with opening an eCommerce store, make sure you factor those expenses into your budget as well.

4) Cryptocurrency Investing (Bitcoin, Ethereum etc.)

If you have strong investment skills, you can potentially earn a lot of money by trading cryptocurrencies. No one really knows what cryptocurrency will do long-term, but if you’re going to play around with it, we’d recommend keeping a small portion of your money invested. 

The biggest problem with trading cryptocurrency is not getting ripped off by pump and dump schemes. It’s also important to know that you don’t need to buy 1 whole Bitcoin or Ethereum right away. You can start out with just $100 worth of Bitcoin or Ethereum and use that to get started as a beginner. Once you feel more comfortable, you can invest more money into cryptocurrency and grow your portfolio over time.

5) Affiliate Marketing Sites

For anyone who’s interested in making money from home, affiliate marketing is one of your best bets. This form of income puts you at zero risk. Meaning, that if you sign up for a company and no one buys their product, you don’t have to pay anything. 

You simply won’t earn any commission on that sale. However, once someone does buy something through your link, you can start earning commissions immediately. The best part? You get paid as soon as someone makes a purchase—and it doesn’t matter how much they spend! Some companies will even let you keep all of your earnings right away instead of waiting until they receive payment.

6) Selling Your Own Products on Amazon

Selling on Amazon is one of my favourite ways to make passive income. And unlike some of the other services, you can get started without paying a lot of money. In fact, I’ve been able to turn a profit in as little as a few hours. 

If you’re just getting started with FBA or have been playing around with it and don’t know how to break through, here are some tips that will help you out. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to selling on Amazon or if you’ve had your own eCommerce store for years. These strategies work well either way!

7) Affiliate Advertising/Link Building

Affiliate marketing is one of my favourite passive income ideas. In fact, I’ve been making a living from affiliate marketing as my primary income source since 2013. There are two main ways to get into affiliate marketing: placing links and tracking sales (both in-text and through paid banners). 

As you can imagine, there are pros and cons to each approach. Let’s take a look at what they are. The top ten passive income ideas in 2017 are becoming more popular every day! There are tons of people trying to earn extra money on the internet right now, and some people just give up because it’s hard or time-consuming.

8) YouTube Channel with Advertising and AdSense

When you make videos that engage your audience, they share them with their friends. This creates viral growth by word of mouth and makes it very easy to earn money with a YouTube channel. I am talking about tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year which is quite possible even if you are creating videos on a shoestring budget. 

Also, your videos will likely get picked up and shared by popular bloggers or influencers in your niche, resulting in another wave of free promotion! You can also go pro with video ads, which allow you to earn revenue off ad impressions instead of just views.

9) Kindle Publishing

Publishing ebooks on Amazon’s Kindle platform is a great way to earn passive income. It doesn’t require any initial investment, it’s just free to set up, and you can start earning money as soon as your ebook(s) go live. Like blogs, they make money through advertising and/or sales of books. 

My favourite thing about Kindle publishing is that my book can be permanently available even if I am not promoting it. If you are interested in learning more about how to publish an ebook on Amazon, check out our detailed tutorial here. For further reading, check out How to Create an eBook in 5 Easy Steps (Without Writing Any Content).

10) Web Development & SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Making money by building websites and optimizing them for search engines like Google is a very popular passive income idea. However, you’ll need a lot of industry knowledge to break into it. Check out these resources, or learn more about becoming an SEO specialist here. 

1. Website Builders – Whether you’re just getting started with your website or you’re in need of a serious update, there are plenty of tools that can help. If you’re looking for something simple but powerful, try WordPress (or one of its many themes). Other great options include Weebly and Wix.

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