How to earn money from Exo bucks?

How do you make money from Exo bucks? It’s not as difficult as you might think! You just need to choose the method that best fits your life and work style, and then get started! 

This step-by-step guide will show you how to earn money from Exo bucks by playing games, selling your unused items, doing survey work and helping others.

1) Sell your old clothes

1. One of the best ways to earn money is by reselling clothes you’ve had for a while and have no intention of ever wearing again, because believe it or not, some people are dying for an old shirt. Sites like thredUP are a great place to unload your unwanted clothing, especially when there’s nothing wrong with them. 

Once you set up your account and list all the items you’re trying to sell, they’ll be sent off for free shipping and quality inspection by a team of experts who will purchase what they can from you at their designated retail price. They even offer monetary refunds!

2. You could also try selling secondhand items on Facebook Marketplace if that sounds more appealing.

2) Rent out a room in your house

The two ways you can make money from the Exo bucks are by either renting out a room in your house or selling items through a website. 

The first option is more difficult and requires more work, but it also offers more money. If you want to earn money on the Exo bucks site, then rent out a room in your house. Be sure to post pictures of your house as well as include amenities (i.e., pool, walk-in closets). Keep in mind that this option will take time and patience for customers to find you.

3) Turn into an Uber Driver

As a driver-partner, you set your own schedule and drive when it’s convenient for you. If you already have a car but don’t want the hassles of owning a second one just for Uber, no problem. You can give us just part of your time in exchange for money on your schedule that suits you best. 

Maybe one night or weekend a week, 20 hours per week, or even 10 hours every other week. Whatever works for you. It’s all up to you!

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