Data Entry Jobs: How to Start Earning $2000+ from Home

Data Entry Jobs: How to Start Earning $2000+ from Home

Data Entry Jobs: How to Start Earning $2000+ from Home

Do you want to start earning $2000+/month from home? You can! Learn about this and more in this guide on data entry jobs and how to start earning money from home with them today. 

What are data entry jobs?

Data entry jobs are just as they sound – you enter data into an online form or spreadsheet. This could be anything from transcribing audio recordings of interviews, adding product descriptions to online shops, or filling out web forms like web surveys and customer satisfaction surveys. Just remember that when it comes to data entry jobs, speed is money. 

The faster you can enter data into a spreadsheet (without making mistakes), the more money you can make with your home data entry job. While outsourcing might make sense if your skillset doesn’t match what employers are looking for, there are thousands of small businesses and startups that need everything from social media management and search engine optimization (SEO) to writing help – all tasks that require strong English skills.

Why should you do it?

Data entry jobs can be a great way to earn money online. They are relatively easy, and you don’t need a large amount of experience or skills. Although it can be difficult to find employers who will pay high amounts for data entry work, there are plenty of jobs that pay well. 

Additionally, it is easy for anybody with access to a computer and an internet connection. It is also very flexible and you can get started as soon as you’re ready! So if you want to start making some extra cash or supplement your current income, try out some of these ideas today!

What is the pay like?

As with many jobs, your payment will vary depending on your skills and experience level. Many entry-level data entry positions earn between $10 and $15 per hour or more. You can expect to receive anywhere from one to several dollars for performing that you fill out or transcribe. 

Most companies will want you to commit for a minimum of a few hours each week, but some work may be available full-time. A few sources note that it’s not uncommon for well-established companies to offer opportunities in which you can earn over $100 an hour, particularly if you have niche skills like medical billing or call center experience.

What are the best places to find these jobs?

On sites like Upwork, Freelancer, and Guru you can find tasks that could earn you anywhere between one dollar and three hundred dollars. You will also likely be able to work on projects with more dynamic pricing models. If you’re new to freelancing, get familiar with these marketplaces before diving in. It is important that as a data entry worker you are completely aware of what your skills are worth in order for your business (data entry) to run smoothly and effectively. 

Having worked as a data entry specialist for years myself I have seen it all when it comes down to hourly rate expectations versus payment expectations so getting yourself set up for success is key! And again, if it’s something that appeals most strongly to you, look into overseas freelance job sites.

Tips for getting hired for these positions

Often, data entry companies will hire for part-time work on a temporary basis. These positions are often meant for students and working parents who have a flexible schedule. That said, some full-time employees take data entry jobs, either as an addition to their current job or as a way of supplementing their income. 

However you choose to take these positions, always have your resume ready to send along with your application. Have multiple copies printed out so that you can deliver one in person if possible; oftentimes recruiters will prefer having a copy on hand rather than having them request one by email or phone. Additionally, be prepared for online tests (like spell checks) and special assessments that are used as screening tools by recruiters and hiring managers alike.

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