8 Best Job Search Websites to Help You Find Your Dream Job

8 Best Job Search Websites

If you’re looking to find the perfect job, it can be difficult knowing where to start. While you could comb through ads in your local newspaper or send out resumes to job openings posted online, this process can be time-consuming and tedious, 

especially if you have no idea what you’re looking for or how much money you want to make! Fortunately, there are plenty of other resources that can help you find and land your dream job today—if you know where to look! If you’re not sure where these resources are, here are the 8 best job search websites that can help.

Top 5 job searching websites

1.LinkedIn – The world’s largest professional network, LinkedIn is a great place to begin your job search. It allows you to create a professional profile that highlights your work history, education, and achievements. It also lets you see who has viewed your profile, so it’s an effective way of networking and getting noticed by hiring managers. If you’re already employed, it makes sense to list all your current roles on LinkedIn as opposed to hiding them under past experience. 

That way, if any recruiters or hiring managers come across your page and realize that you would be valuable for their team—but that they can’t contact you directly—they might go through a trusted employee at your company instead and ask for a referral.


It is known as one of the biggest job sites. It offers job search and a lot of career-related content for users. The key selling point of Indeed is that it makes all its content available without sign-up or registration. 

Job search and resume support are also provided by using Indeed’s features. However, it doesn’t require an email address or personal information but instead generates a Jobseeker ID which can be used in any other application form.


Who doesn’t know about Indeed? The search engine itself is built around finding jobs, and it aggregates millions of job listings from around the web. And when you find a job listing you like, you can apply on-site via Indeed. It’s a great resource that puts all your job search needs into one place. Need an idea of what companies are hiring near you? Check out our list of top 10 local job boards!


Whether you’re looking for temporary work or a long-term career, Monster can help. It aggregates over 350,000 jobs from across major sites and job boards so you don’t have to jump from site to site. The app also allows you to search for jobs by your location or allow employers to find and contact you. app available on iOS and Android.


This site aggregates jobs from over 3,000 sources and lists them based on geographical location. It also provides job alerts, which means that you can subscribe to job postings and get updates each time a new post is listed in your area of interest. SimplyHired even has its own app, so you can search for jobs no matter where you are.


With over 1 million jobs available and a sleek mobile app, Snagajob is a great option for anyone looking for work. It’s flexible; you can sign up for an account and start searching through jobs and earning rewards without even downloading an app. 

You also have access to job-seeker-friendly tools like Resume Builder, Cover Letter Builder, and Snagajob recommendations, as well as customer service reps ready to help whenever you need it. And if you want, even more, there are career options for Starbucks employees through their partnership with Snagajob. With all of these features and more, it’s easy to see why Snagajob is one of our favorite job search websites for finding your dream job today!


With more than 15 million job seekers each month, and a database of over 90 million jobs, ZipRecruiter is one of our favorite websites. If you are on their website right now, your email address has already been captured for use. Their site offers access to over 80 sources of employment information, including local and national newspapers as well as several large employer sites like Amazon and LinkedIn. ZipRecruiter also offers candidates a way to create job alerts using keywords or phrases.


No job search list would be complete without LinkedIn. With more than 300 million users and some of the most powerful professional networking tools, LinkedIn is an essential part of your job search strategy. Create a profile and join groups around your industry to make connections and find out what’s happening in your field. (Read more: The Beginner’s Guide to Using LinkedIn for Business)

Glassdoor Section: WayUp Section: MyPlanStar

MyPlanStar is a career planning site that also happens to be one of our top job sites. In addition to helping you search for jobs, it also features career tests and quizzes that are designed to help you identify your career goals. MyPlanStar is updated on a regular basis with new articles covering hot topics in today’s job market. So even if you’re not looking for a new job, there’s plenty of useful info here that can apply to your current position as well.

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